Manoir Delarue

The Manor

The manor is built in the traditional Bourbonnais style, Bourbonnais being the old name for the department of Allier. Finished in 1787 during the reign of Louis XVI, the last king of France, and two years before the start of the French Revolution, the manor house was the home of the Delarue family, notaries originally from the local town of Gannat who lived in the house until 1820. Situated in the centre – Le Bourg – of Nades, it formed one of the dependences to the old Chateau of Nades, since burnt down, but originally built in the 1300s. A member of the Delarue family was mayor of Nades in 1791, and another, Gabriel Delarue, gave his name to the gardens in Gannat and the adjacent road.

Manoir Delarue 2010

Our Story

“C’était un coup de Coeur” – Literally: “It was a blow to the heart”.

This is how we describe our first sight of Manoir Delarue in October 2009. Back then the manor house was called Les Ecureuils, presumably after the many red squirrels that live in our garden. Its overgrown gardens and derelict coach house were empty and unloved. We had seen the house advertised for sale, whilst on holiday in the Auvergne and curiosity got the better of us…Six months later – in the spring of 2010, Gabrielle left her job in medical research, Iain decided to work from home, and together with 9 month old Louie, we moved to the heart of the French countryside to start our adventure.

Our Project

After 8 years of restoration and renovation of the coach house and garden, we have created a chambre d’hôte (bed and breakfast) of exceptional luxury and refinement whilst allowing the character of the property to shine through. The coach house has been lovingly brought back to life with vintage French furniture, timeless décor and beautiful natural materials like oak, natural stone and slate creating a harmonious and relaxing space for our guests. Inside and outside come together on our large terrace which offers numerous shady spots to relax, like under the old willow. Or you can wander in the park garden and admire our chickens and vegetable plot, before exploring “Le Bourg” of our small village.

Garden Impressions